Mats Ingulstad

Coordonnées professionnelles

Deaprtment of Historical Studies, , Trondheim


Sujet : Winning the Hearths and Mines: Strategic Materials and American Foreign Policy, 1939-1953, encadré par Kiran Klaus Patel (European University Institute), soutenu (June 2011)

Domaines de recherche

  • The Second World War
  • European Integration
  • The Cold War
  • US foreign policy

My current research projects are the EU Raw Materials Initiative in historical perspective, Economic collaboration and forced labor in Nazi-occupied Europe, and a project on the continuities between the League of Nations and the United Nations

Former projects include numerous topics related to the Marshall plan and the Mutual Security Program, US strategic materials policy, as well as the EU and history didactics.

Mots-clés associés au chercheur

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