Laura Herta

Coordonnées professionnelles

Department of International Relations and American Studies , Em. de Martonne, 1, Cluj-Napoca, 400090 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Téléphone : 0040 264 405 300/5972

Domaines de recherche

  • International relations, sociology and analysis of international relations, new wars

Field of research: transformation of war; civil wars; ethnic conflicts; humanitarian intervention; Former Yugoslavia; human security; violence and intervention in Africa

Lectures and seminars:
Introduction to the Study of International Relations
Analysis of International Relations
Internationalization of Ethnic Conflicts

Short biographical note:
Laura Herța has a BA in European Studies and a BA in Journalism, an MA in International Relations, and a PhD in Contemporary History. She is the editor of the following academic journals: Studia Europaea (since 2005) and Romanian Review of International Studies (since 2009). She is also the vice-president of the non-governmental organization CESPRI (Centre of Political Studies and International Relations).
She is conducting lectures and seminars on Introduction to the Study of International Relations, Analysis of International Relations (BA level), and Internationalization of Ethnic Conflicts (MA level). Her field of scholarly interests includes: the new wars – old wars dichotomy; sociology of violence and civil wars; peace-keeping operations and humanitarian intervention; ethnic conflicts and the break-up of Former Yugoslavia; war, displacement and external intervention in Africa; human security and African armed conflicts. Laura Herța has published a book on the development of Serbian/Yugoslav-Romanian relations and more than twenty articles and reviews centred on her field of interest.

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