European Regionalism and Migration Global Governance

Nature :Article

Auteur(s)Emmanuel Comte

TitreEuropean Regionalism and Migration Global Governance

Titre de la revueLes Cahiers Irice






This article assesses the role of regionalism in migration global governance, focusing on the European case and on European policies in other regions. This reflection identifies the key factors that underlay the creation of a liberal regional migration regime in Europe in the 1950s. It moves on to describe how the European Community came, from the early 1970s to the early 1990s, to encourage regionalism elsewhere in the world, as a specific form of migration global governance. By comparing the key factors that allowed for a liberal migration regime in Europe and the configurations where the Europeans have promoted regionalism elsewhere in the world, the article reaches the conclusion that the Europeans’ promotion of regionalism is not consistent with the criteria for success drawn from their experience. The main prescription of this study is that effective migratory regionalism should be organised around major poles of economic growth. According to the criteria put forward in this article however, regionalism cannot constitute a comprehensive instrument for migration global governance, as it would leave unsolved migratory tensions in Africa.

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