Distant Voices. Ideas of democracy and the Eurozone crisis

Nature :Direction d'ouvrages/publications d'actes

Directeur de l'ouvrageLise Rye

TitreDistant Voices. Ideas of democracy and the Eurozone crisis

Ville d'éditionTrondheim (Akademika publishing)





This book brings together six countries where arguments about democracy have been central in the processes that have brought them into or kept them on the outside of the European Union (EU). Its purpose is to examine whether, in a context of Europeanization and at the juncture of crisis, shifts in ideas about national emocracy and democracy in the EU have taken place. Turning the focus from the EU centre toward its periphery, the book makes an original contribution to the intertwined debates on the Eurozone crisis and democracy in the European Union.

Informed by a constructivist perspective, the book presents in-depth analyses of political party and civil society discourse in Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, Iceland and Norway.

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