Discourses and Counter-discourses on Europe. From the Enlightement to the EU

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Directeur de l'ouvrageEmanuela Ceretta, Barbara Curli

TitreDiscourses and Counter-discourses on Europe. From the Enlightement to the EU

Ville d'éditionLondon

Maison d'éditionRoutledge



The European Union plays an increasingly central role in global relations from migration to trade to institutional financial solvency. The formation and continuation of these relations – their narratives and discourses - are rooted in social, political, and economic historical relations emerging at the founding of European states and then substantially augmented in the Post-WWII era. Any rethinking of our European narratives requires a contextualized analysis of the formation of hegemonic discourses.
The book contributes to the ongoing process of "rethinking" the European project, identity, and institutions, brought about by the end of the Cold
war and the current economic and political crisis.
Starting from the principle that the present European crisis goes hand in hand with the crisis of its hegemonic discourse, the aim of the volume
is to rescue the complexity, the richness, the ambiguity of the discourses on Europe as opposed to the present simplification. The multidisciplinary approach and the long-term perspective permits illuminating scope over
multiple discourses, historical periods, and different "languages", including that of the European institutions.

Contributors: Marinella Belluati, Maria Cristina Caimotto, Paolo Caraffini, Manuela Ceretta,Cristopher Cepernich, Michelangelo Conoscenti,Barbara Curli, Patrizia Delpiano, Marco Di Giovanni, Rosita Di Peri, Giovanni Finizio, Filippo Maria Giordano, Umberto Morelli, Rachele Raus,Giuseppe Sciara, Raffaella Zardo.

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