"The Cultural LENS": Innovative Approaches and Methodologies on the History of European Integration

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Date :du vendredi, 06 mars 2009 au samedi, 07 mars 2009

Date limite : lundi, 15 décembre 2008

Lieu :European University Institute (EUI), Florence (Italie)

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5th HEIRS Colloquium, "'The cultural LENS': Innovative Approaches and Methodologies on the History of European Integration". Call for papers (événement HEIRS, partenaire de Richie)

Détails :

The approaches and methodologies associated with a turn towards the so-called "New Cultural History" are rapidly increasing their presence in different areas of historical research. However, the study of the History of European Integration through this cultural lens has not, apparently, been so dynamic.

Therefore, our interest for this call for papers lies in outlining concrete cases of the use of cultural history approaches and methodologies concerning any period (hence also including analysis related to European integration projects before the foundation of the European Communities, e.g. the interwar period, etc.) and any research area related to the History of European Integration.

These precise cases can relate, but not exclusively, to the following theories and methods:

  • History of Concepts (Begriffsgeschichte).
  • Intellectual History and the historical construction of the European unity idea.
  • History of Images, in which the task of the historian is seen as the means "to recuperate a culturally specific way of seeing".
  • History of Perceptions.
  • A subject-based history and fiction as another way of reality.
  • Theories and methodologies based on the notion of representation; useful to approach history as a construction of fictions (opposed to idea of fiction as another way of reality).
  • Myth, perception and memory and their mutual interactions.
  • Discourse Analysis, the construction of political and institutional narratives, the diachronical circulation of ideas and the discursive "use and abuse" of historical arguments.
  • Rhetoric as "the ability to see, in any given case, the available means of persuasion" and as "the way of adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas".
  • Identity building, "otherisation" and inclusion-exclusion dynamics in European integration discourses.
  • Consumer history, in the sense of consumption of ideas as well as consumption of media and political communication messages.
  • Philosophy of time and the study of time perception, etc.

We welcome papers from postgraduate researchers at all stages of their career, including first year PhD. researchers. Abstracts of 500 words maximum should be sent to:heirs-eu@uk2.net

For any question related to the conference, contact Cristina Blanco Sío-López (European University Institute of Florence) at: Cristina.Blanco.Sio-Lopez@eui.eu

For further information on HEIRS, please, refer to our website: http://www.heirs-eu.org/

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